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Washroom Hygiene Services

Washroom Hygiene Services
ACP Group is a specialist in washroom cleaning services, public toilet cleaning services and hygiene services.

We are provider of washroom services, public toilet cleaning, public convenience and hygiene services. We can solve that odour problem, remove unsightly graffiti and generally maintain that all important image for organisations that care about the health of its customers.



Whatever your toilet cleaning problems are, whether it’s a public convenience, corporate washroom, airport loo or station toilet, we can help you by providing:

  • Public toilet and washroom deep cleaning services
  • Daily public convenience cleaning service including the supply of washroom consumables
  • Toilet attendants supplied and non attended toilets cleaned and serviced on a frequent and periodical basis

We can supply hand soaps, paper towels, channel cubes, disinfectants and all kinds of washroom consumables for public conveniences either independently or as part of an overall package.

Sanitary disposal units supplied. Sanibins serviced and disinfected.

Hand dryers and baby changing units supplied cleaned and serviced.

We can solve your graffiti problems with our fast safe graffiti removal products.



Needles and drug use products are common in public toilets. We have trained staff to deal with them and dispose of them safely.

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